Still Going Strong

Yeah, we don't post here a lot.  That's because we're busy with our mission -- buying books that would be pulped and giving them to kids who need them.  A couple of months ago we gave out our 25,000th book.  We're also expanding our reach across Northern California.  Hey, we've even donated books to organizations in Southern California and Virginia.  We won't pay for shipping. But if you know someone who wants to donate that cost (fairly cheap via USPS media mail), then we'll send free books any place in the United States.

For example, we just sent 35 kids books to a program in Virginia that enables incarcerated mothers to read to their children.  Someone who supports that program wanted us to send free books.  We said, "No problem if you pay the shipping cost."  She did.  (A whopping $6.45 via USPS media mail.)  And her donation to us in that amount is fully tax deductible to her. So you want books to go to kids who need them around the nation.  And you can get us reimbursed for shipping.  Let us know!

Also, check us out on Facebook.  We post there much more frequently.  Our Facebook page is...wait for it...Free Books For Kids.  See you there.