Exciting Times

The dearth of content on our blog does NOT mean we haven't been doing anything.  In the last six months we have saved thousands of books from being pulped.  And we have distributed them to lots of deserving kids.  You can see all of this on our Facebook page.  Just search for Free Books For Kids on Facebook and friend us.  We update our Facebook page frequently.

Anyway, we have established relationships with organizations that provide books to migrant farm-worker children, abused children, children of low income families and students at economically disadvantaged schools.  We have also spread our geographic reach beyond Sacramento and Santa Cruz counties.  We have given books to elementary schools in Placerville and Ukiah, as well as Girls Inc. of Alameda County. And we're preparing to give a lot of books to a San Francisco non-profit next month.

We can always get more books.  So if you know anyone in our general location who needs them, please let us know.  It's for the kids!